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1. Stacy Carroll - I am actually doing a public google document for work that can be edited.
2. Doug Albertson- I'll contribute to this.
3. Matt Reid - Digg It

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Doug Albertson- I'm keeping notes and can add them here or in the google doc or both. Stacy, Any preference?

Stacy Carroll - Here is fine for me. Below is what I was going to say, please check it out and see what you think:
I used a public google documents for work. I was able to create a moonlighting sign up sheet for an emergency overflow moonlighting shift. It is a new shift that was added because of the expected increase in volume at the hospital due to the H1N1 virus. I listed all of the available shifts and sent the list to the moonlighters so that they could sign up for the shifts themselves. I also created a form that the moonlighters could submit to a different spreadsheet after they have worked their shift and I can then reimburse they for their time based on the rate and the hours that they worked. This forum for moonlighting sign up was very helpful because I no longer had to spend a long time printing emails from the moonlighters and signing them up for the shift on an excel spreadsheet. The moonlighters were able to see what shifts were available in real time and sign up for what would work with there schedule. The moonlighting reimbursement form worked really well also. The form cut out a lot of steps that I usually have to take, such as entering in everyone's moonlighting rate and reimbursement amount then I was just able to directly email the timekeeper for each department. This public forum was very helpful, however, we are now going on the honor system. We are trusting the moonlighters to sign up for shifts and be responsible. So far the google documents has worked and we haven't had an issue of moonlighters removing themselves from shifts they have signed up for without back-up available.

Matt Reid - The above is pretty impressive. All I did was sign up for Digg and in actuality it is pretty good. Much like Netflix or Amazon, Digg recommends news stories based on what other news stories you have "Dugg." You can also submit news stories that you enjoy and see how many others will "Digg It." It does suffer from YouTube syndrome in that there are many popular articles that hardly qualify as newsworthy. However, there are many interesting articles that I would not have otherwise found if they had not been collected on this wiki. I do not have a particular urge to connect Digg to my Facebook page and let everyone know what I am "Digg"ing. But overall it is a well put together wiki site.

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